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Who has the right to have their child educated in French ?

Any Canadian citizen has the right to have their children educated in French; if:

(Section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms)

If you are a parent who meets one of these criteria, you are by definition an "entitled parent". There are other situations which could qualify your children to attend one of the 21 schools of the CSAP.

Some children of non-entitled parents might be admitted to a CSAP school after approval by the local admission committee. The quality of education and the Acadian character of each region must at all costs be safeguarded when children of non-entitled parents are considered for admission in a CSAP school. The local admission committee must respect the following categories:

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information :

Mr. Jerry Thibeau, Regional Director - Central region (Halifax Metro, Truro, Greenwood, Bridgewater) ....433-7046 Transportation: 1-877-232-3655

Mr. Brent Surette, Regional Director - Southwest region (Clare and Argyle).......................... 769-5480 Transportation - Eric Pothier:   902-769-5477

Mr. François Rouleau, Regional Director - North-East region (Cape Breton and Pomquet) ......................... 226-5235 Transportation: 1-877-232-3655

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Grandir en français : A pre-primary program in French is offered in all regions.  Please contact Mr. Jerry Thibeau for more information : 902-433-7045.

Eligible children are those who will be turning 4 years old on or before December 31.

The mission of Conseil scolaire acadien provincial

The Conseil scolaire acadien provincial undertakes to offer the Acadian population of Nova Scotia an education in French that is recognized for excellence and for its contribution to the global development of the individual and to fostering the maintenance and growth of the Acadian culture.